Dhol Vajda Countdown for the New Year’s Eve: Celebrations Galore at Synn Ultralounge in Houston

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Sunny Taj of ABCD Houston (right) with DJ Dholi Deep (Sandeep Sulhan) at the Synn Ultralounge on Wednesday, December 31. Photos: Meedu’s fotografy

By Vanshika Vipin

HOUSTON: What exactly happens when a top Bollywood promoter of Houston collaborates with a sensational DJ who pumps up the Bollywood music? Yes, galaxies collided and the meteors showered at the plush Synn Ultra lounge on Wednesday, December 31, to usher in the New Year 2015 amidst the crème de la crème of the city. Sunny Taj of ABCD Houston joined hands with the renowned DJ Dholi Deep (Sandeep Sulhan) to create an electrifying evening that got the crowd charged up for the New Year.

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DJ Dholi Deep played all the famous songs at the Synn Ultralounge on Wednesday, December 31.

The New year’s eve party hosted at the Synn Ultra Lounge was one of the most awaited party of Houston owing to the presence of the famed Dj Dholi Deep and Sunny Taj. A night filled with Bollywood music definitely became the focal point of conversations leading to a complete ticket sell out. It did not seem like the temperatures were as low as 46F when one saw the stylishly dressed guests appearing for the party. The party, that began at around 9 pm, was in its full form till the end. One could feel as if they had entered a gala Fashion show where everyone had a zing in their step, not just due to the party favors that were distributed generously, but also due to the feel good factor brought in by the opulent ambiance of the lounge.

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The lounge was done up beautifully in the ambient lights with intermittent bursts of reds to kick in the dancing mood. Red and Black seemed to be the hot favorites even amongst the city’s socialites who marked their presence in their craziest best. While the passionate dancers and the couples crowded the dance floor, there was the other set of guests who wanted a smooth sailing ride on the Aladdin’s carpet through Aladdin’s hookahs that were so enchantingly laid in the patio. There were other few who just wanted to enjoy their stiff drinks watching the plasma screens that were showcasing the video screening while their jubilant partners danced the night away banishing the worries and embracing the trance.

The 600 plus crowd jointly called in the new years with the customary New Year’s Eve countdown. DJ Dholi Deep played all the famous songs, Top 40 to hip hop and finally ended with Masala Bollywood numbers and Bhangra. No desi can ever say that they had a rollicking time without shaking their booty to either a Masala number or a Bhangra.

Sunny Taj of ABCD Houston was the most graceful host. He incessantly ensured that each guest was having the time of their lives all throughout the party. The organizers said, “There is no other way we would have wanted to start 2015 than being around people who have supported us through all these years. Thanks for making our events a great success every single time. NYE at Synn was not just a finale for 2014, but also a beginning for bigger and better events, that we look forward to hosting in 2015.”

Houston stay tuned for more happening parties and juicier scoop in the upcoming year.