Did Omkara ‘murder’ Gayatri in Star Plus’ Ishqbaaaz?


It’s time for some nail-biting drama in Star Plus’ Ishqbaaaz (4 Lions Films), as tension will yet again grip the Oberoi household, with the ACP (Ayush Anand) claiming the hand of a family member in Gayathri’s (Geeta Guha) death.

Ouch!! So who will be his prime suspects?

Well, the ACP will target Priyanka (Subha Rajput) to get the proof he would need to arrest the person. And he would believe that Priyanka actually has a sniff of how the murder would have happened.


We hear that the ACP will play his game tactfully by first sending a parcel to Priyanka which will have a picture of Gayathri’s dead body. Immediately Priyanka will panic, and she will run to Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) for help!!

So why Omkara, you may wonder!!

So here we dig out more information…

Our source states, “Omkara will also equally panic and the brother and sister will be seen wondering about the dark incident that has been troubling them. Omkara will also get another parcel with blood stained dry leaves, similar to that found near Gayathri’s dead body.”

All this will break Omkara down, and he will also be seen pacifying Priyanka that if the truth would come out, only he will be in trouble and nothing will happen to his sister…

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