Difficult to Better Achievements of 2015: Sania Mirza


Hyderabad: Sania Mirza on Friday said it would be tough to have a better year than 2015, but she would strive hard to at least match the achievements of this season. In 2015, she won two Grand Slams and also became the world number one in doubles rankings. (Sania Mirza’s Tennis Academy to Host Legends in Exhibition Game)

“Next year, if not better it, hopefully, we can equal what we have done. It’s tough to have a better year than this. But, who knows, what we (with doubles partner Martina Hingis) can do together. It would be great to win another Slam,” she told PTI here.

Sania said 2015, during which she bagged two Grand Slams, and eight other titler with Martina Hingis in a dream run, is particularly special because of the number of wins.

“It’s not just about the year. My whole career has been amazing. Last few years have been really good. It so happened that in one year, we have been able to dominate the court. Too many things have happened. That’s very good. It’s the contribution of many years. The hard work, the sacrifice that has gone in from the family, the people and the media, everyone who has been with me,” she said.

The complementary efforts made by her and her partner and Swiss legend Hingis is a major reason for their success, she said.

“Also the fact that me and Martina, we complement each other well. We play well together. We get along on and off the court. We just try to better ourselves every time we step on the court,” she said.

Noting that competition would be tough as they begin the next season, she said she and Hingis would try to change their game should the need arise.

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