Dil Ki Baatein…will change the face of TV: Gurdeep Kohli


The charming Gurdeep Kohli is back on TV with Sony Entertainment Television’s Dil Ki Baatein…Dil Hi Jaane. The show by Guruodev Bhalla and Dhaval Gada has Gurdeep playing a terminally ill woman who has accepted death and yet looks at life with a positive attitude.

This show is a hard-hitting one where a woman who has to let go of her beautiful family due to her illness. How she fights this emotional turbulence and also makes sure that her family manages to survive without her will be for viewers to see.
“Dil Ki Baatein…will change the face of TV most definitely. We have seen typical rona-dhona on shows, and here for a change, there is a woman who dares to look into the eyes of death and fight till her last breath for her family’s happiness,” said Gurdeep.

Also with the show touching the topic of euthanasia (mercy killing), Gurdeep added, “Personally, I love life and would never choose to die voluntarily. Anandita (her character) is frustrated with the economic and emotional loss that her family has to go through and thus, as her third wish from her husband, she asks for death. It is a debatable topic, which would touch viewers’ hearts for sure.”

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