Diwali Mela 2017 in The Woodlands


HTW Diwali Mela Volunteers during the 2016 celebrations.

HTW Diwali Mela Volunteers during the 2016 celebrations.

By Beth Kulkarni

THE WOODLANDS: The Hindu Temple of The Woodlands (HTW) is very busy preparing for its annual Diwali Mela to be held on the temple grounds on Saturday, October 14, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Each year the Mela gets bigger and better, attracting many of the area’s non-Hindu residents who enjoy the food, the cultural performances, fireworks, and the fun! The planning committee has been meeting weekly for the last two to three months, creating new attractions for the enjoyment of all.

One of the goals this year is to welcome to the festival at least 1000 neighbors and friends. Some will come as early as 11 a.m. Others will be most interested in the evening hours when there will be fireworks especially for the children, but which all will enjoy.

Since Diwali is the Festival of Lights, there will be a Diya Wall with candles placed on the wall by anyone or any family who chooses to do so. By nightfall, there will be hundreds of lights flickering, creating a beautiful view.

Family Enjoys Fireworks at HTW Diwali Mela 2016.

Family Enjoys Fireworks at HTW Diwali Mela 2016.

Photo opportunities will be available with regional Indian clothing available for those who wish to try out a new identity. Printed large format photos will be provided to take home.

Cultural performances, a fashion show, and regional “street-food” will also be featured.  Various all-Indian snacks and sweets, which fair-goers always appreciate, will be prepared on the spot.

Those who are in a shopping mood will find traditional and contemporary Indian clothing and colorful jewelry, including hand-crafted items, some of which will be made by younger members of the temple community. Various service providers will also have booths and be able to consult with those who may need their services.

Preparing for the Diwali Mela and participating in all the offered activities is a welcome change for the events of the past few weeks.

The Hindus of The Woodlands Hindu Temple look forward to seeing their Hindu friends from throughout the Greater Houston area, as well as their other neighbors and friends, at the temple grounds to celebrate the “Festival of Lights”.

The Hindu Temple of The Woodlands is located at 7601 S Forestgate Drive, just off Woodlands Parkway, in The Woodlands (Spring), TX  77382. Established in 2005 and inaugurated in 2011, it serves the religious, cultural, educational, and social needs of the surrounding community. It also provides services, such as six free yoga classes per week open also to non-Hindu neighbors; and donations of food, clothing, and other items to the less fortunate through local non-profit agencies. More information is on the temple’s website, www.woodlandshindutemple.org.