DIY Summer Reading Challenges

Best in Class_INReading might not be the activity of choice for your child over the summer months, but you can most certainly make it fun and engaging for children of all ages. Best in Class Education Center discusses some fun reading activities and crafts to engage your child during summer vacation. Here is a look at a variety of different summer reading activities for children of all ages.

DIY Summer Reading Bag
Summer reading calls for a new summer book bag. Head to your local craft store and purchase a plain canvas tote for your child to decorate. Let your child use their imagination to design the bag however they like, with paint, stickers, stencils, and more. These bags make for a cute, fun tote and encourage kids to want to fill their bags with books when you head out to the local library.

DIY Bookmark Craft    
Create customized bookmarks at home made out of felt or scrapbook paper that can be found at the craft store. Encourage your child to make a new bookmark for each book they read over the summer.

Family Reading Goals
Do research with your child and discuss the different books they are excited to read during break. A great place to do this is at your local library! For each book that your child reads, set a goal or prize for reading the entire book. This exercise is a great way to keep your child involved and engaged with their summer reading choices but will also entice them to finish all of their books.

Summer Book Club
Depending on your child’s age, arrange a summer book club in your local community. You can host an event at your home or local park, and the group can get together to discuss the book and read together. Each child can make illustrations for the book, either of their favorite scenes or a revised book cover.

Setting a Reading Time for Each Day
The best way to hold your child accountable for their reading over the summer is to set aside a designated reading time every day. This helps your child build this time into their schedule and creates consistency for them each day. Even if it is 30 minutes a day in the afternoon after outdoor activities, allotting this time into their schedule will entice them to read and will provide ample downtime for your child to rest as well.

Summer vacation is not over yet! Take the time to incorporate some of these reading activities into your child’s schedule so they are prepared and ready for school this fall.

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