Donald Trump Says He’s Changing on H-1B Visas


Donald Trump, the front runner in the Republican presidential nominee race, has changed his stance on allowing highly-skilled migrant workers into the U.S., and changed it back again.

In a debate hosted by Fox News in Detroit on Thursday, Mr. Trump said that the H-1B visas enable America to recruit and retain talent from overseas.

A key part of India’s outsourcing industry has long been to send thousands of its information-technology engineers and programmers to the U.S. on skilled-worker permits.

In the past, including in policy statements published on his campaign website, Mr. Trumphas been opposed to increasing the numbers of these permits allocated annually via a lottery system saying doing so would “decimate women and minorities.”

He has also advocated limiting the number handed out by raising the minimum wage companies must pay workers on H-1B permits.

This, according to information on Mr. Trump’s website, would stop firms “flying in cheaper workers from overseas.”

But in the debate Thursday, Mr. Trump changed direction.

“We need highly-skilled people in this country,” Mr. Trump said during the debate. “If we can’t do it, we will get them in.”

When asked by the moderator Megyn Kelly whether he was now abandoning the position contained in his policy, Mr. Trump said he was changing it.

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