Dr. Jaya Raman Publishes His Autobiography

Houston: Dr. Jay K. Raman has published an autobiography describing his early life in Kerala and his subsequent life and career in Houston. The book also covers his personal philosophy of life, religion and spirituality

The title of this book, From the Land of Spice to the Land of Oil, aptly describes the book. It is an immigrant physician’s tale of his life and times.  More than just a biography, it is a story of his times. He was born in 1945 at the end of Second World War.

Kerala, his birthplace in India, is well-known for its spices and ancient martial arts. He was witness to great historic events like the end of the Second World War, the independence and partition of India, the Cold War, the collapse of communism, global warming, and finally the Covind-19 pandemic. He has described these events as he saw them, both as a physician and as a keen student of history.

He served in the Indian Army and also in the army of the Sultan of Oman. He has many interesting stories to tell, both professional and personal. After immigrating to the USA, he had extensive experience of medical practice in this country.

He describes in detail the varied professional and personal challenges he had to face. He also gives his frank opinion about medical practice and the profound changes he was a witness to.

He describes the great historical events he has passed through based on his own observations on geopolitics and international issues. An important issue, life after retirement, is also given due consideration.

Toward the end, he concentrates on spiritual issues, religion, and ultimately death.

The book is available on Amazon. A kindle version is also available. All the proceeds from the sale of the book will be given to charity.

The author,  Jay K Raman MD FACS FRCS(C), is a long-time resident of Houston Texas