Dr. Rajan Sachdeva’s Texas Tour Stresses Serenity, Awareness

Dr 1in

HOUSTON: Spirituality is one of the necessities of life. Life without spirituality is a ship without rudder.

This was the essence of spiritual scholar Dr. Rajan Sachdeva’s discourse in Houston at the Sant Nirankari Mission, Houston chapter was blessed with his presence from February 7 through 9. He has been on a speaking tour of Texas, starting from Dallas, stressing the key points of serenity and awareness.

He explained how inner healing is very important to maintain peace in difficult situations.  This is only possible through the support systems of Nirankar, which is the True Master, His Holiness. Life is precious and we can make it rich by accepting the things we cannot change and focus our energy where we can make a difference in our lives.

His discourse in India House on Sunday, February 16, was based on unconditional prayer and love towards our Lord. Prayer is an ongoing process and should be continued all the time. Usually we human beings do prayer when we need something from Lord. We all have the tendency to only remember God in tough situations, but if we also connect with him during times of happiness, we will end up with better results and form an unbreakable link with Him.

Rajanji emphasized how important the message is to children and youth. Children learn what they see and therefore it is important for us to be a role model, reflecting positive values. Instilling values of spirituality and positivity in our children and youth is absolutely necessary, as the generation lies with them, and they are the ones to carry this on. The transition of gaining this human experience through spiritual state of being enables these children to get acquainted with the norms of moral behavior and the divine experience. This spirit even helps to build their character, which in turn, enables us to work towards knowledge of God and self realization which is God Realization.

A chief point of Rajan Sachdeva’s discourse was to “surround yourself with the dreamers and believers and the doers.” Happiness comes from spiritual wealth, not material wealth. Prayer is indeed a never- was organized by ending process that should be practiced all the time.  Reflecting upon our human tendencies, we come to the ideal of karma. Anything we do in this world involves action. When journeying through the process of Karma, it can start to feel a bit heavy with all the explanations and inner explorations. Action is the way of life and perhaps the best tip of this journey through Karma is to remember that we are trying to experience that Bliss, Joy, or Absolute Truth, which is beyond, behind, or underneath all of the Karma. By remembering that the goal is Joy, Bliss, or Absolute, we (and the mind) will have a focal point of connectivity with lord and continuing the company of saints. Above all else, seek that Joy or Bliss.

The program was attended by a large gathering including people from the Sindhi Association, Sai Temple, Sadhu Vaswani mission, Ahmadiya Muslim Community and Family Federation Church. It was organized by the Sant Nirankari Mission volunteers, who put their heart and soul together to make it successful. A celebration of Babaji’s birthday, which falls on February 23, will be held on Sunday, February 22 as a Guru Puja Divas 10:30 at India House and the public is invited to attend.