Durrani’s: The Unity of Food and Music


By Malay Vyas
HOUSTON: Driving down Highway 6 on a Monday mundane lunch hour, a familiar hunger pang brought us to a stop at Durrani’s Tandoor N Grill at the West Bellfort intersection. South Asian stomachs are tuned to send out a particular frequency of hunger waves when in need for a nice Desi buffet. Durrani’s was a good answer to Monday blues.

Stepping into the restaurant and getting past the great aroma of a freshly cooked buffet spread, one couldn’t help but admire the inviting décor. Well lit and very artistically furnished, the apt word that describes this restaurant is ‘Family Friendly’ and yet chic. There is a big bar in the middle, you can’t help but notice but that’s not the focal point. The focal point of the place is the signature Durrani’s lighted curving lines that run across the walls of the restaurant and the music hall connected to it. Yes, here’s a place where food and music meet.

We were lucky to run into Arif Memon, the partner of Durrani’s. He explained how he and Jamil Durrani of JDM Industry joined hands to follow a common passion about good food and great music. Bigger than life size posters of music greats from India and Pakistan look down upon from the glass walls as you expectantly approach the buffet spread. From fresh crispy Pakoras to Chicken Tikka with a secret ingredient were tempting. Amongst the curries, Saag Paneer and Butter Chicken had fresh flavor with distinct taste and savory gravy but the Chicken Kofta with Egg Curry took the cake. This is a rare dish – not usually found in usual buffet spread around Houston. Arif explained that they do not micromanage their Chefs – they let them be creative. As with the partners, the Chefs are India and Pakistan as well. Masala Rice adorned the final course while we couldn’t help but take a third helping of the Kheer, arguably the best on a buffet spread – rich and yet not very sweet with adequate mix of rise and badam on your spoonful. Strawberry Lassi is definitely out and so is the Durrani’s platter. The weekend buffet is a bigger spread with more than 16 main dishes. Naan’s are served fresh at your table. For bigger parties, ask for dishes off the menu. The Chefs at Durrani’s have more than twenty years of experience and eclectic fusion food is not far from imagination.

The Unity of India and Pakistan rolls over into the banquet hall connected to the restaurant. This is no ordinary hall, it is built with passion for music. 8 Channel speakers with a stage and an HD project system with 12 feet wide screen, Durrani’s is ready for some great entertainment for the discerning music lovers. Weekends at Durrani’s are already filled with private music concerts on this stage. Private parties, Graduations, Birthdays or Ghazal Evenings, Durrani’s has the menu and the venue to make it right for you.
So whenever hunger calls at lunch or feel like unwinding after a busy week amidst some good music and great food, stop by Durrani’s at 10581 S Highway 6, Ste 101 or call them at 281 313 0774. Their website should be up and running shortly.