Dynamics of Dance

Bharatnatyam dancer Apoorva Jayaraman

Bharatnatyam dancer Apoorva Jayaraman

By Parul

It was at the age of five that Apoorva Jayaraman began her training in dance. She pursued it seriously, and not as a hobby. “Like my education, dance was an integral part of my life. I never ignored my training and practice because of my studies,” says the Bharatnatyam dancer, an astrophysicist with a PhD in astronomy from the University of Cambridge and also a Master’s degree in physics from University of Oxford. “I am a scientist but it’s dance that I have chosen to do full-time. It is an informed decision,” adds Jayaraman. She was in Chandigarh on the invitation of SPIC MACAY for the annual on-going project, “Workshop Demonstrations” in government schools, which strives to educate students about the rich cultural heritage of.


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Credit: indianexpress.com