Ek Nayi Ummeed – Roshni TV review: Pooja Gor and Amol Palekar give it an international standard


It’s probably the first Indian medical drama that will not be based on love or saas bahu drama

We’ve had so many medical shows like Dill Mill Gayye, Sanjeevani and Zindagi Wins, but none have been purely on medicine or the life of doctors. It somehow trickles down to being just a complicated love story, but the new Life OK show seems very different and appealing.


Ek Nayi Ummeed – Roshni is about a medical student who aspires to be a cardiothoracic surgeon. In the family of doctors, she is the first surgeon. Inspired by her grandfather Dr Amar Kishore Singh (Amol Palekar), she has always put her patients above protocol. The story revolves around how she becomes a part of her brother’s hospital and tries make sure that patients are given more importance than their financial status.

The Good

The show has been shot like any Hollywood film. The doctors and the equipments used are original which gives us a feel of reality. Pooja Gor as Roshni is a brilliant choice, ‘coz she is already in the skin of the character diminishing her previous role as the adarsh bahu (dutiful daughter-in-law). Amol Palekar immediately makes you fall in awe of him for his realistic acting. He doesn’t come with any airs of being a veteran Bollywood actor and that just makes his role so credible. Sahil Anand has been established as the perpetual flirt and from what we’ve seen he is perfect as the boy next door. Guess we can judge him better as the show progresses. Inderjeet Sagoo looks comfortable as the head of management, but it’s his equation with Roshni aka his sister that won us over. The character of Badri was tailor made for Raghubir Yadav, like it was written for him. The scenes in the operation theatre, hospital seemed quite authentic. Of course we are no experts to get into too many details but from our knowledge of Grey’s Anatomy, House and ER – we can definitely figure that the show has been spot on so far.

The Bad

The scene where Roshni botches up the surgery with her idol, Dr. Raghunandan (Rahul Vora) doesn’t seem like something a responsible surgeon would do, but then again accidents do happen. The first few episodes have been shot in London, but the foreigners shown in the show have the fakest accent. The makers have sworn to not show blood at all, frankly in a medical drama revolved around a hospital and surgeons it’s ridiculous not to show any blood. Of course they have restrictions but blurring that part during surgeries doesn’t help the cause. Frankly, there’s seriously very few things in the show that we can criticise about.

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