“Ekal Sur Sangam”: Uniting Music and Philanthropy for an Equitable India

Bottom (Left to Right): Naren Chavda, Ramesh Shah, Nirav Shah, Abhay Kakumani, Rajeev Aluru, Yogi Patel, Rashmi Shah, Chetan Shah, Top (Left to RIght): Subhash Gupta, Suryakanth Parekh, Rekha Parekh, Jyoti Vyas, Sahitya Vinjamuri, Uma Dama, Nayana Sarma, Vishwanath Bhatunge, Prakash Shah, Neeraj Aluru, Pooja Shah, Dipu Kakumani, Darshana Patel, Suman Patibanda, Sheetal Sasital. Photo: Jay Ram

HOUSTON: Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation USA’s (EVF-USA) Houston chapter proudly presented the highly anticipated Fund Raiser event, Ekal Sur Sangam, on June 30th. This captivating musical extravaganza brought together music lovers, philanthropists, and community members in support of EVF-USA’s noble mission of empowering rural and tribal villages in India. The event showcased highly talented singers, musicians and inspiring stories of Ekal village children, leaving a lasting impact on all attendees.

Under the theme of “Uniting Music and Philanthropy for an Equitable India,” Ekal Sur Sangam Houston 2023 was an exceptional evening filled with enchanting melodies, vibrant performances, and a sense of collective purpose. The event aimed to raise funds and awareness for Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation’s initiatives in India, focusing on child education, women empowerment, digital literacy, health education, skills development and nutritional farming.

The venue, Stafford Center, was filled with an enthusiastic audience that comprised Ekal donors, well-wishers, and patrons. Attendees were treated to a sumptuous full-course Indian fast-food delicacies catered by Bhojan, elevating the overall ambiance of the evening.

The musical rendering featured renowned singers from India, Vishwanath Batunge and Nayana Sarma. They mesmerized the audience with their captivating voices and soulful renditions. The highly interactive presentation captivated the hearts of everyone present. The lead male singer Vishwanath walked to the audience, drawing them to sing and move with him. The spirited Emcee, Sahitya Vinjamuri from St.Louis, brought a lot of energy on and off the stage with spontaneous dancing, and the electrified audience obliged by joining her. The singing duo was brilliantly supported by the talented live musicians creating an unforgettable musical experience.

During the evening, short clips showcasing Ekal’s impactful activities in India were shared. They effectively illustrated the transformational work accomplished in the areas of education, women’s empowerment, and skills development. A short video presenting Ekal initiated and inspired transformations in a Kashmir village was well received and appreciated by the audience. Ekal volunteers, including chapter president Rajeev Aluru and Southwest Regional President Yogi Patel, shared inspiring messages and stories, emphasizing the importance of holistic village development and the three pillars of Ekal’s mission: primary education, health delivery, and skills development.

Distinguished guests, including Ken Matthews (Mayor of Stafford), Ramesh Shah (CEO-Ekal Abhiyan), Surendran Pattel (Judge, 240th district court), Janet Heppard (Judge, 387th district court-family law), graced the event with their presence. Their donation during the event inspired others to raise their donations, endorsing the significance of Ekal’s work in the community.

Ekal Houston chapter extends heartfelt gratitude to the event’s chief guest, distinguished guests, volunteers, youth participants, and past and present chapter leadership for their invaluable contributions in organizing this remarkable event.

As Ekal Sur Sangam Houston 2023 came to a close, attendees were reminded of the power of their donations and the profound impact they can have on the lives of thousands of children and communities in need. Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation continues its unwavering commitment to providing education, empowerment, and sustainable development to underprivileged areas, fostering a brighter future for all.

To support Ekal’s mission and make a meaningful contribution, please visit http://www.ekal.org/donate.

About Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation: Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming rural and tribal India through education, skill development, healthcare, and community empowerment.