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Therese Cole-Hubbs

Therese Cole-Hubbs

By Vanshika Vipin Varma

HOUSTON: Band, Baaja, Baraat….and heaps of confusion, chaos and commotion behind-the-scenes, and of course loads of planning. This is where Therese Cole-Hubbs, President and Creative Director, with her team at Electric Karma, takes the helm to ensure seamless and memorable wedding experiences. Electric Karma, has been the name behind planning the finest weddings for over 31 years, and have contributed and planned some of the best galas for various non profits in town like Save A Mother, India House, Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, Indian Doctors Association and the upcoming Ekal Gala.

Photo: J. Cogliandro Photography

Photo: J. Cogliandro Photography

The brainchild of Therese Cole-Hubbs, Electric Karma International, a wedding production company was formed in response to the high demand for a wedding producer who could merge cultural traditions with contemporary wedding elements. It is an end-to-end wedding production company that caters especially to the South Asian Community, to provide memorable wedding experiences with creatively thought perplexing and astounding ideas. Therese along with her team of experienced professionals at Electric Karma, have produced over 660 Indian weddings since inception. With associate offices in New York, Dallas, San Diego & Houston, Electric Karma provides their clients with the very best, in the form of unique ideas and innovative concepts with a blend of multicultural customs and traditions in Indian weddings while ensuring flawless execution.

‘Once Electric Karma, always Electric Karma’- has been the response from most of its clients planning another wedding within their families. And that is because of the amazing connect,  the bond and trust with the existing clientele. Laying importance to the vision of the bride and the groom, Therese Cole-Hubbs and her experienced team of professionals add the element of elegance with a flawless merge of flamboyance and tradition, to the vital elements of a wedding design: hospitality, food, beverage service, entertainment and the decor. Though Therese’s work has been praised world over, her most important and heartfelt moments come directly from the bride and groom’s amazed joy in seeing their vision come to life right before their very eyes and that is the ultimate goal of Electric Karma International and the sheer-joy they experience is truly heart-felt.

Photo: Tomas Ramos Photographers

Therese Cole-Hubbs, having awarded Event Planner of the Year in 2017 at the Houston NACE awards dinner, said it was the most important award for her as it was for her contribution to the industry. She recalled, “Over 30 years ago no one allowed Indian caterers in their venue. I started that trend and then consistently pushed for it to succeed”. Her passion and persuasion to make this a triumph were constantly seen at various national conferences, where she made it a point to bring this up. Thanks to her vision, today even hotels have accepted this phenomenon and that is really commendable. Another proud moment for her was while receiving an award for Best Wedding of the year, at the TSE Gala, for Khushbu and Kevin’s wedding. The joy and pride was not only for the win but also for the fact that one of the two Indian weddings that were nominated won this international award.

Amongst their multiple feathers in cap, Electric Karma has featured in The Times of India, Bengaluru and The Hindu, both in December 2017.

Therese Cole-Hubbs, is a passionate white woman with an Indian heart. She is originally from Ohio and moved to Houston in 1982. She has been a major contributor in putting Houston on the map for Indian wedding coordinators. Her true commitment and love towards Indian culture really shows in her smile, in her heart and in her actions, so much so that she wears Indian every single day of her life and jokingly calls herself a reverse coconut.

She has successfully organized weddings in India in collaboration with local Indian partners. Having recently organized destination weddings in Mumbai and Mysore, she said she enjoys organizing wedding in India and building relationships with her partners there. She believes Indian American marriages are getting too Americanized and hence to feel the taste of real Indian weddings everyone must plan it in India to avoid too much culture going away. Moreover, these days it’s about the same amount getting married in India. She also added that one can get abundance of flowers and amazing food and it’s also a way of everyone visiting home.

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Wedding, being a 21 Billion dollar business, she contemplates changing the entire wedding business scene and plans on sharing her knowledge by conducting various conferences and workshops and by letting people intern with her. What sets her apart is her belief that the key to keep your clients happy is to never overpromise. Keep the expectations very clear. Give more than what they expect. And always be nice to people. She expressed how she learned hospitality to be of utmost importance, from a wedding she did in Amritsar, India.

Pulling off Indian and Pakistani weddings with grace, her positivity and power of saying, “Yes” is the thing that got her in this business and keeps her going.

To showcase the unique Desi weddings coordinated by Electric Karma, Therese Cole-Hubbs released her publication Shaadi: A Journey Into Desi Weddings. The 200-page book contains more than 300 amazing photos as well as nearly 40 videos showcasing the artistry of Electric Karma. Besides, Electric Karma is also a proud segment of the “I Do” Good foundation, which focuses on helping dig wells in India to provide clean water to communities.  Many of the brides and grooms choose to contribute to these organizations during the wedding process.

For further details call 281-705-9929, email at therese@electric-karma.com or visit their website at www.Electric-Karma.com