Enjoy Global Flavors Under One Roof!

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By Vanshika Vipin

HOUSTON: What would you do if you were in the mood for a French pastry, a croissant, a Mumbai chaat and a brownie, all accompanied by some lip-smacking South Indian coffee? Sounds like a gastronome’s dream? It’s very much a reality here at Hot Breads, a unique bakery and cafe right in the heart of Houston, on Westheimer near Dunvale.

The Hot Breads legacy began in Chennai (South India) in 1989, and has now spread over 80 locations all over the world. From Paris to Nepal, and Bangladesh to the Middle East, Hot Breads is everywhere! The cafe is spread over four locations in New Jersey, four in Dallas, one in Austin with the latest and the only authentic Hot Breads franchise in Houston. They also have plans to expand to Sugar Land and Katy.

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In fact it was the success of Hot Breads in Dallas and Austin that lead to the birth of Hot Breads in Houston. Two food enthusiasts started Hot Breads in Houston in late 2014. Their passion for food drew them to this entrepreneurial adventure, and they now run the cafe with their spouses.

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Hot Breads now has a huge base of regular customers who further recommend the restaurant to their family and friends. In fact word-of-mouth recommendation has led to the restaurant’s steady rise! But why do customers recommended Hot Breads to their near-and-dear ones? Here’s why!

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Hugely popular with Indians world-over, Hot Breads serves only the very best and boasts of highly trained chefs who consider cooking as an art! No wonder then, that premium fresh cream is used instead of butter cream, the flavors are subtle, and cookies and breads are baked fresh every day, without nasty preservatives.

Skilled in the art of baking and decorating, these confectioners have foodie fans ordering huge cakes, so there’s enough to be savored for later. Not only does Hot Breads serve cakes in ten flavors including vanilla, mix fruit and mango, they’re the only ones in Houston serving butterscotch flavored goodies! Having tasted the heavenly butterscotch pastry (three layers of cake sponge filled with flavored cream), this writer is definitely going back for more! Especially since they also have eggless variants!

Whether it’s tarts, cupcakes, brownies or savory delicacies like croissants, buns and puffs, no one does it better than Hot Breads! Everything is baked fresh and in limited quantities, so that fresh pieces keep rolling. How many restaurants take this kind of effort for their customers?

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The bursting-with-flavors Indian cuisine is also available in its full glory from popular treats like dosa, chaat and pav bhaji to full meals like the biryani. They also make fresh pav (an Indian street food delicacy) that has been a rage all over Houston.

All the food has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian fillings, with the dosa menu offering multiple levels of spiciness.  The dosas come with the customer’s choice of filling, and it makes for a convenient and yummy snack for anyone, as it can be rolled up and eaten like a burrito! The biryani also has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, and the restaurant uses small-grain rice to bring in the authentic Chennai flavor to the biryani.

And to wash it all down is the lassi from North India and the delectable coffee from South India. Take your pick!

Priding themselves on the customer satisfaction (their reviews on social media are testament), Hot Breads has a 5-minute self-service with frequent table-touches and regular customer feedback.

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Fans of the restaurant also call on Hot Breads for catering services for their parties, and Hot Breads is all set to start live dosa counters for such events! So you can now share the wonderful food from Hot Breads with your friends and family as well, and be assured that your event is going to be a huge hit. After all, food is one of the most important aspects to making any party or event successful, and with Hot Breads taking care of the catering, you can rest assured your event will be a sure-fire winner!

The two lovely couples running the café put in a lot of time in finalizing the location, finally bringing Hot Breads to Westheimer in Houston. Currently, the authentic Hot Breads franchise has only one location at Westheimer and does not have any other outlet in the Houston area.

Apart from the scrumptious food, you can enjoy the tasteful interiors put together by a professional interior designer. Head to this unique bakery and café for experiencing a one-of-its-kind culture blend, a superb ambience and a smorgasbord of flavors!

Visit Hot Breads, Houston at 8401 Westheimer Road, #165, Houston, TX 77063 (open all seven days). Phone: (281) 631 5555. You can know more on their website—www.hotbreadshouston.com. Also like them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hotbreadshoustontexas/  

Hot Breads would love to hear from you. Give them feedback at info@hotbreadshouston.com!