Exploring the majestic glacial lakes in Kalam Valley


MINGORA: Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Swat State in 1961 rightly called it the Switzerland of the East as Swat is an abode of high mountains, green meadows, tall waterfalls and clear lakes.

The valley offers every luxury to nature lovers and adventure seekers, however, to explore its over 50 glacial lakes one has to trek on the narrow bends and steep cliffs.

Among them Godar Dhand is one of the most beautiful lakes, located in Kalam Valley. With a height of 12,565 feet above sea level, reaching the lake requires mental strength and endurance because the trail is not only dangerous but also exasperating.

“When I started trekking to Godar lake with my friends I was happy but my excitement vanished when I saw a steep rock with a wooden ladder and a dangerous rock where one has to use all fours like a monkey. However, I collected strength of heart and mind and climbed it,” says Abdul Rauf Khan, a resident of Mingora who reached the lake after trekking for nine hours.

He says there is a beautiful vast pasture known as Jabba halfway to the lake with a stream of crystalline water flowing in a zig-zag manner and hundreds of animals grazing.

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