FIA : Changing Gear for Better

Hina Trivedi President FIA

Hina Trivedi President FIA

By Nand Kapoor

CHICAGO: Good, bad  and indifferent things keep on happening in India and many times we are just silent spectators.

In very recent days, three developments have been rather disturbing and caught up the eyes of all Indians in this part of the  world. One is the Uttrakhand tragedy, the second one is the suicide by one of the bright and upcoming young engineering student  haling from relatively backward class and the third is the tainted food supply to schoolchildren

The Federation  of Indian Associations which is brandished as one concentrating on Parades and banquets, has decided to take up two of the causes. It has joined efforts with other like minded organizations to  help Uttarakhand victims.

The FIA Board has also decided to look into the details of the case of young engineering student Nitin Padlakar, 19, who was driven to commit suicide because of harassment from some of the seniors who apparently were pressuring him to help them in exams.

Padalkar was a First class student at Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology and the family spared no efforts to get him best possible education. His father is a coolie while the mother a vegetable vendor. His suicide has devastated the family.

FIA has taken up the matter with the Principal of the Institute as well as with the new Mumbai Police Department to get the first hand feel about the status of investigation- if the culprits who are named in the suicide note are  booked  and if the Principal has initiated any disciplinary action against them or the case has gone to cold storage.

FIA also intends  to help the family in all possible ways- mainly with providing best legal help to get those (however highly connected they may be,)  involved to pay  the price for their action. FIA may also consider to help the family get best possible education to Nitin’s sister who is now determined to be an engineer and help her parents realize the dream of her brother.

“We appreciate that the general public and media in particular appreciates our new stance, and  help  FIA efforts in bringing justice to the  bereaved Padalkar family,” said Hina Trivedi, FIA President. .

For further information contact  Hina Trivedi, FIA President at  630-951-0012.