Fighting Diabetes Through Yoga National Movement Launch by Sewa International and SVYASA


HOUSTON: Sewa International in partnership with SVYASA-USA (Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana) Houston center, had launched the Stop Diabetes Movement (SDM) – a fight against diabetes through Yoga.

In the first of the series of six camps that concluded at Katy, Houston, 11 pre-diabetic and diabetic participants attended the 20 hour yoga therapy sessions over a ten day period.  The sessions were conducted by trained yoga therapists under the guidance of Dr. Sudha Rajan, president of SVYASA-USA. In addition to yoga, participants were also taken through specially designed practices for managing diabetes, and, guided through personalized changes in diet and lifestyle.

The spirit and enthusiasm of the participants was very encouraging and has reinforced the purpose with which the program was conceived and planned. Speaking on the occasion, Arun Kankani, Executive VP and COO of Sewa International, said “This program has given us immense confidence and we are all set to make the remaining five programs in Houston even more successful with a larger participation”

By adhering to the simple regime, easy to perform exercises and practices, the participants saw significant improvements towards the end of the program.  Pre and post workshop results of participants showed a visible change in their Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) and Post Prandial Blood sugar (PPBS) levels. The average FBS and PPBS levels of participants improved by 4.4% and 8.8% respectively.

A phenomenal improvement in pre and post workshop results was observed in one participant:

34% in FBS and 37 % in PPBS levels.

Stop Diabetes Movement originated at SVYASA, Yoga University in Bangalore, India. Through systematic research of 30 years, comprehensive yoga modules have been established that have shown measurable improvement in the various complications associated with Diabetes. The program has been proven to reduce cholesterol and reduce dependence on medicines as well as reduce anxiety and depression associated with the disease. VYASA centers in Houston and Los Angeles have started similar programs on a pilot basis this month. Based on the efficacy and success of this program in these cities, it will be expanded to other cities in USA.

Next SDM at Keshav Smruti in Houston starts on Friday May 23. Contact for further information and pre-registration.