First Ever Gujarati Brahm Samaj Sammelan in Houston


HOUSTON: On January 7, Gujarati Brahm Samaj of Houston (GBSH) welcomed 2017 with an evening full of cultural performances scripted and crafted by youth of the Brahm Samaj. Dr. Sen Pathak, an Emeritus Distinguished Professor at MD Anderson Cancer Center blessed the event as a chief guest. He gave a brief inspirational and motivational talk to the youth of the community encouraging to work harder and never get despaired with challenges on the path. He also explained the four founding principles of Vedic philosophy namely Dharma, Artha, Karma and Moksha. The event was organized at India House followed by dinner catered by Dinesh Purohit from Café India of Sugar Land. 




GBSH is a newly formed not-for-profit organization focused to unite the Gujarati Brahmin community. The idea of GBSH was conceived by Nilesh Purohit and supported by Dhaval Trivedi, Haresh Bhatt, Nalin Bhatt, Rasik Pandya, Bharat Shukla, Dinesh Adhvaryu, and Hardik Raval. GBSH is the unique group in the history of Houston focused to bring Gujarati Brahmin community together for preserving ancient customs and values for the generations to come. 



GBSH will be undertaking various religious, social and educational activities each year. GBSH is committed to provide affordable medical assistance to the seniors. GBSH will be working towards providing an access to the ancient Vedic customs and values for better upbringing of our children. GBSH will be taking initiatives to encourage higher education giving youngsters chance to build their dreams by recognizing and awarding scholarships to the deserving kids. 

GBSH has over 90 families as members in their start-up year. For further details contact Founder Nilubhai Purohit at (262) 716-1406 or email at to join the Brahm Samaj.