First-Generation Born Indian Revolutionizing College Admissions In The USA


95% of students that work with Neha Gupta Get Into Their Top Three Choices

HOUSTON: In the last 12 years, Neha Gupta, founder of College Shortcuts and Elite Private Tutors, has become one of the most prolific college consultants of her generation with a 95% acceptance rate into a student’s top three choices. The first-born generation Indian attended Rice University as a triple major, was the commencement speaker at one of the most prestigious high schools in Texas, and embodies the word passion. It comes to no surprise she has been coined the ‘Teen Whisperer’ in a world where teenagers are rebelling more than ever before. The best selling author of The Four Year Plan, has been in hundreds of articles such as the Washington Post to ABC News during the presidential election as an educational expert, Gupta is constantly focused on helping children get into college.

Thousands of parents tune into College Shortcut’s Facebook Page as Gupta goes LIVE to give as much information regarding the college process. “If you aren’t putting your child’s dreams on your to-do list, someone else will dictate their dreams,” she says.

Gupta’s heart is full of passion and she believes that every child matters. She is consistently working with integrity and authenticity to help students gain a holistic and conscious perspective on the college admissions process.

Photos: Paulius Staniunas

Photos: Paulius Staniunas

At half the age of many college consultants, Gupta is at the top of her game, and she knows that her actions now will impact children’s futures for decades to come. The mother of over 15,000 children worldwide, she wants to create a world where “we all know in our hearts that our dreams are 100 percent worthy.”

Realizing that the national average of 1 high school counselor is to 500 students at a typical high school, Gupta created College Shortcuts as ‘Do-It-Yourself’ online course that has helped thousands of students get into college. Many people have called her the “Netflix” for college consulting with her six online courses that teach parents and students exactly how to apply in less than 3 weeks. Just last year, students that took her course are at their top choice this year and have received $1.2 million dollars in scholarships as last year’s class. College Shortcuts is the most affordable online course on getting into college and many schools have already looked into using the course for their entire junior and senior grades in high school as a supplement to their high school counseling department.

Gupta still enjoys having her hands involved in the business and still consults with students one-on-one to help with their applications. “Having the immigrant drive makes me work harder than anyone else I know in my industry. If you knew my parents, you would understand why I work seven days a week. My parents moved here with $20 bucks in their pocket and built multi-million dollar companies from scratch. For me, I knew that I had to follow my passion and help as many kids as I could. Now, we have launched an entire team of consultants with our College Mastery Program that will be working one on one with students on every part of the application process for those parents who want a concierge level experience in college admissions.”

“We decided to expand our concierge service for families because the average high school student will get one or two meetings with their counselor. No one in their right mind, would invest in anything for over $100,000 without having someone advise them in the process – whether it be a house, car, or job. Having a consultant can be crucial in this process, especially for parents who didn’t go to school here,” says Gupta.

To learn more about her team and services, visit and or call 713-401-2867 as students work with her team from all over the world.

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