FIS Launches a Unique Project India BEE 2015 for Children

FIS inHOUSTON: Popularly known as FIS, the Foundation for India Studies is launching a new project in partnership with India House Inc, to connect the young generations of America with India through a unique quiz contest that stimulates and encourages them to learn about India.

The first targeted group was the youth at universities. FIS assisted in introducing the India Studies Program at the University of Houston in 2006, which has now been taken over by the university and incorporated into its Cultural Studies program. The University awards a Minor Certificate in India Studies.

It was soon realized by FIS that Houston also had an immense wealth of educated professionals who had contributed to Houston’s growth in various fields of Health Care and Medicine, Engineering, Transportation Business, Education and several other vocations. This led to launching of the “Indo-American Oral History Project “in 2011, in partnership with Houston Community College –Spring Branch and Houston Public Library. The purpose of this project is to record and archive the stories of the first generation Indians who came directly from India and settled in Houston since the 1960’s. These are stories of unsung heroes from the Indo-American community who deserve kudos for their contribution to the economic and cultural growth of Houston. Till date, 32 interviews have been conducted.

From the Youth to the Elder and now to the budding Young, FIS brings the unique INDIA BEE_2015 QUIZ contest scheduled to be held on Sunday, March 29th. This is another exceptional Project that FIS has brought out for MIDDLE SCHOOL students, between the grades 6-8. The challenge to the budding young is “How much do you really know about India?” The purpose of the quiz contest is to encourage Indian as well as American school children of all ethnic backgrounds to learn more about India at an early age and become friends of India when they grow up. This may perhaps be the only project of its kind in the country at present.

The INDIA BEE _2015 is focusing on the middle school students this year ( to be expanded later to High School students  and adults as well)  because from the age of 11 onwards, children have awareness and knowledge of their Indian roots fresh in their minds. What is lacking however, is a deeper knowledge and understanding of India as a whole with regard to its geography, centuries old history and its immense cultural and religious diversity, and the country’s modern parliamentary system of democracy and of course not to forget Bollywood and Cricket.

Keeping all these in mind, this contest is designed to assist the Parents to motivate their children to study about India, the land they migrated from, and encourage them to be more globally oriented and knowledgeable about incredible INDIA- whose cultures stretch for over 5,000 years.

There are cash prizes for 1st place $1,000, 2nd Place $ 500 and 3rd Place $250. Our partners and sponsors are India House, and Indian Culture Center and many well-wishers.  Certificates to all participating children and surprise door prizes for audience.
The contest will be judged in three parts : a) A poster board presentation, b) Written test and  c) A final oral test on the stage.

For registration and other details, please go to: or call Falguni Gandhi 281-844-4604 or Sai Rachakonda 281-235-6641.