Five Ideas for Bringing Learning into Halloween Activities

BIC-in-1Best in Class Education Center Shares Ways

to Create Learning Opportunities out of the Spooky Holiday

HOUSTON: Once again, autumn came quickly this year, and Halloween is already sneaking up on us. While candy and costumes take center stage during the fall holiday, there are a number of ways that parents can help their kids learn from the spooky celebrations in and out of the classroom.

Best in Class Education Center, which helps K-12 students move towards the top of their class through customized educational programs, is constantly thinking of ways for students and parents to find new learning opportunities. Best in Class came up with five ways to incorporate learning into your family’s Halloween celebrations this year:

Get Spooky with Science
Get into character as “mad scientists” with your children through Halloween-themed science projects. There are loads of fun tutorials out there for creating fog or concocting a bubbling potion. So pull up a recipe for DIY monster slime, play dough brains, or fizzing pumpkin volcano with baking soda, and get cooking!

Costume Creativity
Thinking of a good Halloween costume requires creativity and some imagination. Assist your child by helping brainstorm ideas and even thinking of ways to execute a costume with items you already have around the house. Once you have come up with an idea together, have him or her write down a story about a day in the life of the chosen costume character.

Learn Halloween History
How many kids (or adults!) actually know the history of Halloween? Have your kids research and learn the history of how the holiday started and the meaning behind superstitions like broken mirrors or black cats.

Tasty Tales
Once your children have all their candy collected, have them write stories with words taken from the wrappers of various candies. Make it a bit more challenging by mixing up the wrappers and having each student draw a few. They then must use the words they selected to make up a unique story.

Pumpkin Math
Math is everywhere – even inside a bag of candy or a pumpkin. After you cut your pumpkins open, have everyone guess how many seeds there are. Then have your child count them, add them up together, and eventually roast the seeds for eating. You could even take turns guessing the weight of the pumpkins as well as the circumference of big and small pumpkins.

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