Five Tips on How to Best Prepare for a New School Year

BEST-IN-CLASS-INHOUSTON: After months away from school, it can be hard to transition back into the routine. Because this transition can be trying on a student, sometimes the transition needs to be made ahead of the first day. Best in Class Education Center, a leading supplemental education provider, is here to make the transition smooth with five tips that can help you get your students set up for a successful school year.

Get Back on a Schedule

With summertime comes late nights, pool parties, and vacations. Often times, summertime schedules are very different from the usual school week routine. To get kids back on track, it is important to introduce an earlier bedtime before school starts. A week before the first day of school, have your children go to bed at an earlier time and wake up at a set time. It can also help to create a meal routine before the start of school and eat at the same time you will be during the school week.

Schedule a Checkup

Make sure your kids are healthy before going back to school. Set up a time to visit your doctor before the start of school to do a yearly physical. This is also a great time to get vision and hearing tested. Most schools require up-to-date immunization records, so make sure your child has all of the necessary vaccines before the first day of school. Also, get a copy of their immunization records to keep at home.

Buy All School Supplies Ahead of Time

Most schools will provide a list of school supplies that you will need to buy. Check this list ahead of time to see if any local stores are having sales or if there are any tax-free weekends coming up. Setting aside a day to buy and organize supplies ahead of time will help eliminate stress leading up to the first day of school.

Visit the School Before the First Day

Walk or drive the route to school with your children before the first day. Show them how to get to the bus or where you will be dropping them off and picking them up at the end of the day. See if you can also go inside the school to show your child where their classroom is.

Make an Emergency Plan

No parent wants to encounter an emergency, but sometimes they happen. As most parents know by now, not every day goes as planned. Find a couple of people you rely on that can pick up your children if you are unavailable. Notify the school of your emergency contacts so they are aware of who can pick up your children. Talk to your children about who the individuals are that have permission to pick them up from school so they are not alarmed or worried.


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