Five Ways Families Can Spend More Time Together During the Busy School Year


The new school year is officially  underway, and with it comes a seemingly endless list of priorities to balance. Between homework, extracurricular activities and other commitments and appointments, it can be hard to find a spare moment to catch up with family. But spending quality time with parents and siblings is absolutely essential for kids.

Best in Class Education Center, which provides a variety of educational services, also helps parents engage their children to make family time—and learning—fun for the whole family.

Here are five ways families can spend more quality time together now that the busy back to school season is in full swing:

Eat Dinner Together
Gathering around the kitchen or dining room table is one of the easiest ways to make family time part of your daily routine. Eating regular meals together gives parents the opportunity to stay involved in their kids’ lives, and gives children the ability to ask their parents any questions they may have come across at school.

Make After School Activities a Priority
Spending quality time together isn’t an activity that needs to be limited to meal times. Because kids are often involved in multiple extracurricular activities, families can bond by showing their support at competitions, games or events.

Find a Common Hobby
Whether your family likes to get lost in a good book, explore their artistic and creative sides or give back to the community through service, there are tons of hobbies that families can take on together. Not only does sharing a hobby carve out specific family time, it also creates a shared interest between parents and kids that can last for years to come.

Have a Standing Family Night
Planning a consistent game or movie night is another way for families to ensure that quality time is automatically put on their schedules. Weekly or monthly family nights give parents and kids the opportunity to take a break from their normally hectic lives to enjoy one another’s company and relax.

Plan a Family Vacation
Outside of those standing movie or game nights, families can also spend time together by planning and then going on a trip. It can be something as simple as a weekend road trip to a neighboring city—getting out of town gives families the opportunity to learn about and experience a new place together.

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