For Nadeem and Shuana it was Simply Love at First Sight!


Newlyweds Nadeem Amatya and Shauna Paul are flanked by the groom’s parents Nayna and Madhukar Amatya.

By Jawahar Malhotra

HOUSTON: It all started at a friend’s birthday party and there were many people around. He recalls her coming up to him and starting a conversation and thought she was really courageous and bold. She thought he was kind of shy, but really wanted him to call her later and found a way to get her number to him. He still remembers the date well: May 20, 2010.

The next day, he did call her and then it became a daily habit and pretty soon they were inseparable.

“He was so honest, open and caring. We’ve been together everyday ever since then,” smiled Shauna Paul as she gave her husband of 15 days a quick glance at the anniversary party of his Dad’s younger brother. Almost six years later, the couple was married in two ceremonies: the first on February 1 at Taj Hall in a Hindu ceremony officiated by Dilip Shastri and later on February 5 at St. Cyril Catholic Church by Father Mario. The reception was held on February 5 also at Chateau Crystale on Gessner and Westheimer.

Nadeem, 28, got his degree in accounting in 2014 from the University of Houston Downtown and went straight to work for RPBS, a wholesale book company. He is studying to take his CPA exam next year. His father Madhukar, who got a Master’s in Civil Engineering from Kiev, Ukraine, moved his family to Houston in 1999 from their native Nepal when Nadeem was 12 years-old, to work with his family and now runs his own medical supply business. Nadeem’s mother Nayna used to have her own beauty salon.

Shauna, 25, received her certificate as a paralegal from the University of Houston Main Campus in November 2014. She works as a paralegal in the area of family law with Clark & Jordan, LC. She was born in Karachi, Pakistan and moved here with her family when she was 8 years-old. Her father Daniel Paul has his own travel agency, Lifetime Travel, and her mother Sharon is a homemaker.

After a romantic honeymoon in Destin, Florida, the couple returned to their home in Houston, which they plan to call home for now.