Fort Bend County Awards $475,000 Grant to Eternal Gandhi Museum of Houston

HOUSTON: Eternal Gandhi Museum Houston, EGMH, is very happy and proud to inform you that it has received a generous grant of $475,000 under the non -profit program of the Fort Bend County under the American rescue plan.

Judge KP George has offered unflinching support to the activities of EGMH from day one when he was invited to Shraddhanjali, Memorial Service, for Mahatma Gandhi in February 2019 at Unity of Houston. EGMH profusely thanks Judge for his support. This grant will go a long way in bringing to life the First ever museum in the Americas dedicated to preserve and promote Mahatma Gandhi’s greatest legacy of nonviolent conflict resolution.

EGMH is truly grateful to the Fort Bend County Commissioners’ court for approving this grant.

When EGMH opens in 2023 it will be an education institution to resolve conflicts nonviolently. It will invite Houston and surrounding area school children for field trip to the museum at no cost. A trained docent will lead the children in the museum based on content developed by grade by an education consultant. The EGMH will be an interactive museum divided into three parts, His Journey (Mahatma Gandhi’s Life), Our Journey (Impact of Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy of nonviolent conflict resolution in the world featuring, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela and others around the world and finally My Journey section were each visitor will be asked to make a commitment to make the community a better place to live in.