Fort Bend Interfaith Council Hosts Dinner & Dialogue

Picture from left to right .  Ghasem Bayet, Bahai; 2 and 3ed can not identify, Valerie Tolman, Thoreau Unitarian Universalist; Aresha Davwa, Ismaili Muslim;  Rachana Shah, Hindu;  Bhupender Singh, Sikh;  Cyra Kango, Zorastrian;  John Viu , Bhuddist;  Anthea Pierre from Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints;  Pramod Bengani,  Jain;  Aswin Dave, Hindu;  John Strader, Horizon Baptist Church. Picture credit Vijay Pallod

SUGAR LAND: Over 100 representatives from 13 Fort Bend faith communities came together last week for the annual  Interfaith Dinner and Dialogue. Sponsored by the Fort Bend Interfaith Council, the dinner is a chance for people of all different faiths to break bread together and learn something about each other’s religions.

“It was fascinating to learn about the things that we have in common,” said one attendee. “But it was also interesting to learn about some of the practices and beliefs that are unique to certain faiths.”

Horizon Baptist Church in Missouri City was this year’s host congregation. Religions represented included Baha’I, Muslim, Buddhist, Methodist, Hindu, Baptist, Ismaili Muslim, Jain, Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, Sikh, Catholic, Unitarian Universalist and Zoroastrian.

The Fort Bend Interfatih Council was organized as a way to help people of different faith communities meet and work with each other in a meaningful way.  Each year the Fort Bend Interfaith Council sponsors an Interfaith Thanksgiving Service in November, a Martin Luther King Youth Say of Service in January, and the Interfaith Dinner and Dialogue in the spring.