Foundation for India Studies Receives Support from Baylor University’s Institute of Oral History


HOUSTON: Foundation for India Studies (FIS) has received the support of Baylor University’s Institute of Oral History.

“Baylor University’s institutional support will certainly provide us with the much needed impetus and academic guidance in recording the oral histories of people affected by the 1947 partition of India” said FIS  Founder-Chairman, Kr ishna Vavilala.

FIS recently completed 55 oral histories of the first-generation Indo- Americans living in the Greater Houston area as part of its Indo-American Oral History Project.

“I am very impressed by the quality and scope of the more than fifty oral history interviews already gathered through the Houston Indo-American Oral History Project. These stories offer a rich tapestry of the community’s history,” said Dr. Stephen Sloan, Director, Baylor University’s Institute of Oral History. “We are pleased to consult on the next phase of FIS’ oral history work documenting the history of the partition of India through the experiences of those refugees that settled in Texas in the wake of this dramatic political and demographic change.”

Dr. Stephen Sloan further added :”We are thankful for the opportunity to add our name to your list of project partners which includes the Houston Public Library (HPL) and Houston Community College System (HCCS),and anticipate many positive outcomes from our association with you”.

The Foundation for India Studies (FIS) was registered in Texas, in 2005 as a non-profit 501(c3) organization with a vision to disseminate knowledge about India’s contribution to the world in the field of languages, literature, arts, sciences, engineering, politics, economics and spirituality.

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