Freaky Ali review: Nawazuddin Siddiqui scores a sixer, not an albatross


In golf, you seldom see albatross. It’s a rare score where the player sinks his ball into the cup ‘three strokes below the par’ (meaning three strokes less than the par score of the hole). Extremely challenging. Yet, if it happens, you never see crowds go crazy with dhols and dance. Why? Well, that happens only on a cricket ground.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui, before making the final strike in Freaky Ali, says he will make the final strike with a sixer. And that is exactly what he does—both in and for the film. Sohail Khan’s latest directorial venture brings out an unseen side of the actor we would love to see more.

Freaky Ali is the story of Ali (Siddiqui) who is a salesman at a small undergarments shop and is kicked out of his job just 10 minutes into the film. He takes to extortion before his talent as a golfer is discovered. The journey from a small ‘basti’ to playing in a golf championship is what Khan narrates through his film. It marks several firsts for Siddiqui – playing the main lead in a ‘commercial’ film, his first dance number and his first comedy.

With an actor as versatile as Siddiqui headlining the film, expectations are certainly high. How well does the movie match them?

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