Free Health Screenings and 100 Free Flu Shots Given Away at Life & Soul Health Fair 2013


HOUSTON: On the beautiful clear morning of Nov 9, Love to Share Foundation America (LTSFA) and Global Organization for Divinity’s third annual health fair – Life and Soul 2013 – was kicked off by the Honorable Mayors Delores Martin of Manvel and Tom Reid of Pearland, and Sheriff Deputies Dodd and Myriam who appreciated the organization’s efforts and the contributions of all the volunteers and sponsors. State Representative Ed Thompson also visited the fair later and was overwhelmed to see the efforts of volunteers and vendors alike and spent a long time speaking with volunteers and the vendors encouraging them for more such fellowships in the future.


Close to 200 people attended this year’s free health fair. Flu shots sponsored by Texas Medical Association (Be Wise – Immunizesm) were administered to 100 people and 100 free helmets were given away as part of the ‘Hard Hats for Little Heads’ program. Free screenings for obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, osteoporosis, airway disease, stroke, peripheral arterial disease, glaucoma, refractory errors and heart disease were conducted.

This year’s health fair was marked by active participation of physicians/specialists – Dr. Hema Salvady (Rheumatologist), Dr. Jyoti Rao (Gastroenterologist), Dr. Deepa Vasudevan (faculty at UT Houston), Dr. Rekha Neela, Dr. Radha Arunkumar (faculty at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center), Dr. Rajan Kadakia (Cardiologist with South East Cardiology), Dr. Ghanshyam Patel (Ophthalmologist) and Physician and students from Texas Eye Institute. Dr. Lakshmi Seshadri, internist, had a great attendance during her diabetes class and one of the cardiologists, Dr. Ramesh Patel from Universal Heart, gave a very informative class on heart health to the benefit of the participants.

Apart from individual donations, local businesses that were key sponsors for the event included Walgreens, HEB Plus pharmacy (Shadow Creek), Signature Kroger pharmacy (Shadow Creek), Manvel Pharmacy, Rite of Passage, Total Body Works, First Houston Home Health, Sleep Center at Kirby, Prestigious Rentals, The Burger Barn (Manvel), Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Shipley Donuts (Silverlake CR 90), Domino’s (Silverlake CR 90), Olive Garden and Touch of Asia Grocers.

Over 30 volunteers dedicated their heart and soul to the event including Global Organization for Divinity volunteers, PISD and HISD junior high/high school students.

“A heartfelt thanks to each and every one for working so sincerely as one team to serve the community, which is so dear to LTSFA,” said Dr. Lekshmi Nair of Manvel, who spearheaded Life and Soul this year as well.

That Life and Soul 2013 was well received by the community was quite clear from the survey responses received at the end of the event. As the wor  d spreads about its activities, LTSFA looks forward to reaching out to more and more community members with similar such future events. The next Life and Soul Health Fair will be held on November 8, 2014.

Apart from this annual free health fair, LTSFA’s social initiatives across the United States include blood and bone marrow drives, food and clothing drives for the homeless, environmental drives, educational supply drives/donations for special-need schools, medical supply donations to deserving nonprofit organizations in the field and Leadership workshops for youth as well as for employees of professional organizations and businesses.

The next upcoming events of LTSFA are a Youth Leadership workshop for teens in Dallas on November 23, 2013 and in Houston (Manvel) on Dec 21, 2013 by renowned speaker M.K. Ramanujam.

For further information about the organization and its events, contact LTSFA at 281-402-6585 or