Friends Trying to Help Family of Shooting Victim Satish Patel

satish patel

By Haider Kazim
HOUSTON: Satish Patel, who came to the U.S. in 2001 in search of American dream, was shot dead on June 1 during a robbery attempt at Philip 66 gas station in Humble where he worked hard to bring his wife, daughter and son to Houston.
“Satish was a very friendly person and was liked by all clients,” said Ashesh Shah who co-owns the gas station with Anand Patel. “Since his death, clients have been coming to the store and leaving money to help Satish’s family,” he said. He is related to Satish through his wife.
A memorial fund has also been set up and a bank account opened to help the family. Donors can deposit money directly in Wallis State Bank account number 3106128 in favor of Satish Kumar Patel Memorial Fund. (For further information, contact Ashesh Shah at 713-385-9330).
Officer Muzaffar Siddiqi of Houston Police Department, who coordinates with the community, has been trying to help the community. Officer Siddiqi is known in the community for his social service.
Satish was liked by truckers who visited the gas station along the Eastex Expressway. “I just regret that he got killed,” said trucker Zen Beasley. “He was such a good guy. He was a friend to me every time we come to the place.”
“He was a happy, easy going guy,” said Anand Patel. “He went out of his way to help people. He worked 7 days a week 12 hours a day.”
Ashesh and Anand have been trying to bring Satish’s family to Houston to take part in funeral rites tentatively scheduled for June 15, the Father’s Day. According to Hindu religion, the son has to perform a rite before the body can be cremated or buried. The family friends were successful in getting his wife a temporary U.S. visa and she will be in Houston before his funeral.
The funeral has been scheduled at 10.30 a.m. at Winford Funerals, 8514 Tybor Dr, Houston TX 77074.
Satish, 58, was shot dead when four suspected robbers entered the store just before midnight and opened fire. The suspects wearing black masks were caught on the store’s security video. One of the suspects accidentally shot himself in the hand during the incident.
The store was equipped with mag locks to allow restricted entry at night. But it seems that the mag lock was not activated at that time.
Ashesh said the mag lock was installed after an attempted robbery and shootout at the store on March 15. The robber tried to start a fire at the store by throwing motor oil and antifreeze and was shot during the melee. He has been sentenced to 15 years in prison. The store clerks were not injured in the shooting.
One of the suspects, Anthony Jamerson, 17, has been arrested and has been charged in the shooting of Satish and another victim, Tommu Thurman in an alleged robbery on May 11. Jamerson was taken in for questioning after his accomplice was found dead.
News reports quoted prosecutors as saying that witness statements and surveillance video helped lead them to Jamerson. It’s believed he carried out the Philipp 66 gas station robbery with Jaylen Townsel. On June 4, Townsel, 18, was shot to death in a car in the Fifth Ward. Investigators said that Jamerson told officers he was driving Townsel to the hospital when he died. But after Jamerson gave police conflicting stories, they brought him in for questioning.
Two other suspects in the case are still at large. Jamerson’s criminal history includes felony Burglary of a Building in December 2013.