Fusion 2015

Fusion in

HOUSTON: Fusion 2015 is not just the talk of the town, but the entire Country is talking about it’s magnitude, the mega stars, the showmanship, and most of all, the Lavish no expense spared production.

Over the last few Months, Houston has become the center of attention, as it has been understood that Fusion 2015 will be launching its first, out of three show’s in the city. It has also been revealed that Houston will be the base/home for the superstars  prior to the tour, the bollywood stars will be arriving with an entourage of 92 individuals, consisting of, directors, producers, coordinators, dancers, performers, makeup artists who will all be arriving from India few days prior the star studded tour.

Once the full Fusion 2015 team reaches Houston, that’s when it has been understood that the hard  work will begin, 40 percent of the rehearsals are to take place in Houston, every aspect of the star studded show is to be rehearsed and then  re-rehearsed. “Akshay  Kumar has openly announced that in this concert,  he is looking for perfection, and not only is it close to his heart but also a celebration of him completing 25years in the Bollywood industry and wants this show to be memorable for everyone who attends”

Fusion 2015 which has already been labeled as the Biggest Bollywood concert to be featured in the U.S.A, and  show casing exceptional talent,  with the biggest Bollywood names that include bollywood’s leading action man- Akshay Kumar, Madhuri Dixit the legend, the original beauty of bollywood, and dancing queen. The charismatic and confident Sonakshi Sinha, Prabhu Deva who has taken the world with his dance routines, so much so that now has been established or gets referred as the Michael Jackson of South Asia.  Chitrangada Singh noted for her grace, elegance and acting ability, Just to name a few of  talent  that is to  dominate Houston on August 21.  Fusion 2015 has been said to consist of a perfect blend of Glitz, Glamour, showbiz, action, bollywood stunts, dancing, acting and to top it all off, live interaction with the audience.

All this to be packaged and delivered on the night with backdrops, stages, visual effect, sequence  lighting, state of the art Audio and the biggest expense, Four Humongous LED screens to be placed chronologically , giving the audience a Three Dimensional effect, with over 50 costume changes and a number of surprises  have been lined up especially so that  Houston Fusion 2015 goes of with a bang!

It has been estimated to be costing  Rehan Siddiqi $1.2 million. When asked about the Financial commitmet of the show, Rehan replied simply by stating  $1.2Million is one hell of a commitment but its also going to one “hell of show” , big star’s, big names, big productions, big teams and big dreams all come with a price, and the price is $1.2 million.

The man that has promised to bring this and much more to Houston is none other then Rehan Siddiqi, international promoter and a well known name in Texas and in the world of show biz, he is no stranger to the pressure, demands and expectations from  such a Enormous, Star studded concert brings with it.