Get Ready for a RoKing Evening at Ashirwad’s 3rd Vedic Fair 2014


KATY: The 3rd Ashirwad’s Vedic Fair 2014, A Par-Excellence affair for all, will take place on Saturday March 1, from 3:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at Cinco Ranch High School, 23440 Cinco Ranch Blvd Katy TX 77494. Vedic Fair 3 is a complete family entertainer. At the entrance of Vedic Fair 3 a diorama of Mahadev Shiva’s abode Kailash (Kool Kailash in Katy) along with 16 ft Manasa Sarovar (Divine Lake) will be built by the extremely talented IACHF architects. Water from Manasa Sarovar will be on display. You can perform pooja in Kailash. Take pictures for fond memories with Mighty Mahadev and Beautiful Parvati. Authentic Pictures of 18 shakthi peetas taken by a young devotee Vamshitha Kundoor who visited them all will be on display along with her in person sharing her journey. Young teens will guide you through a powerful presentation on how to visit Kailash.

After crossing Kailash, you will enter 50+ India Exhibit Presentation Competition area to experience, various presentations on India, taste Cooking Competiton {Sathvik} and see Gorgeous Gollu display by Nappinai. Also you can attend “How 2 Workshops” consisting of  Yoga, Meditation by Shriram Sarvotham, Rangoli by Sangita Bhutada, Sanskrit by Chandra Raghu and Hema Chandru, Indian Classical Dance by Indrani Parthasarathy, Saree Styles by Praveena Kadakia, Dandiya by Nisha Mirani, Ayurveda by Ushadevi Pillai, Indian Wedding by Ashirwad A Blessing, Dhothi by Ravi Sethuraman & Homeopathy by Anusha Thiagarajan. After exiting the auditorium you will cross over into Vedic Bazaar to satisfy your taste buds by enjoying delicious North India, South India and Sathvik dishes. Also you get to shop for jewelry, dresses, toys, books, CDs, Orange your hands with henna tattoos, color yourself in face painting and twist a balloon for your kid. After completing your shopping in Vedic Bazaar get back into the auditorium to enjoy the Talent Showcase segment, which includes “Vedic Walk” a color treat of Shiva Puran icons by Ashirwad Students and I am Shiva – The Mahadev, prime time 2 hour play directed by Ashirwad’s chief teacher Geetha Ravula. All in all 3rd Vedic Fair management is assuring a joyful evening.

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