Gigantic Triveni Supermarket has Masala Style Grand Opening

HOUSTON: Triveni Supermarket – the third of its kind – opened its gigantic 26,000 sq.ft store with a bang!! The Masala Style Grand Opening on AUG 19th featured an Indian Independence theme, from the Cricket-shirt-clad Masala Crew to the Indian and American flag cake, balloons, face-painting, and even an orange-green-blue trackless train!  Mayor of Fulshear Aaron Groff, Fulshear City Council Member Abhijeet Uttukar, Fort Bend County Commissioner Pct. 1 Vincent Morales Jr., and the owner Srini Srigadha and his partners officiated the grand ribbon cutting.  The line for the first 10 people to receive a gold coin, and the next 50 people to receive a huge silver coin, started at an incredible 6 AM…some waiting an unbelievable four hours before the store opened at 10 AM.  Mayor Groff said. “This is my second Grand Opening with Masala – it was full of fun, energy, dancing, and just a HUGE crowd…something I rarely see at store openings!”

Very considerately, the owners had kept a walk-in cooler filled with free chilled water bottles and juices OUTSIDE, as well as delicious samosas and chai from their bustling built-in restaurant.  Mounds of scrumptious dosas, curries, bondas, watermelon, and sugar cane juices, and 18 flavors of cake pastries, were served to the guests at spectacular grand opening rates in an Indian-styled food court.  Deep Foods generously provided 100 goodie bags filled to the brim with delicious fafda, and a variety of Pumpkin Spice, Masala, and the coveted Lemongrass instant Quick Tea’s.  The line was shaded, but constant even after three hours until 1 PM.  Everyone in line received a $20 gift card, further adding to the sale.

Houston had been through months of drought in really amazing grocery sales – the kind where you stock up for the year – so the sale was as welcome as the rains.  Most Dals were at pre-covid lows of $3.99, most vegetables were $.49 – .$.99 a pound – everyone left with shopping carts precariously filled to overflowing!  Sunil Thakkar of Masala Radio emceed the event with energy & comedy, including some crazy contests: a lady whistling contest and a cake eating contest…with no hands!  Later Ken – VP of Savant Energy – added some more Masala on the mic and congratulated the owners as well as reached out to their customers swarming in from the surrounding neighborhoods.

Triveni Supermarket first opened its megastores in Charlotte, NC, followed by Elliott City, MD.  After this Katy Store, the next stores are planned in South Carolina, Virginia, and Cypress, TX!  Triveni Supermarket Katy is at 2727 Spring Green Blvd.  Stay Tuned to Masala Radio 98.7 FM for Cypress Store Grand Opening details coming soon…!