GLUDES Launched to Stave Off a Dearth of Leadership

Nozer Buchia (center) with his launch team from left: David Jones, Patricia Bermudez, Tara Bush and Casey Salge.


SUGAR LAND: As they left the Sweetwater Country Club, they clutched the crisp black and turquoise blue canvas briefcases they had been handed out and discussed the ideas they had just heard in the ballroom. Inside the briefcase was a copy of his second book – Roadmap to Success – by the very man who had outlined his vision to bring out the latent leadership skills in many of us.

There was no doubt that they had witnessed the birth of a new institution focused on developing leaders, entrepreneurs and strategies for growth from a man who has already inspired hundreds of people to channel their inner voice and judgement for better outcomes in their areas of endeavor.

Nozer Buchia was in his element, a man on a mission to show the multitudes that they have it within them to achieve greater things in life than what they have so far been accustomed to. From the podium in the ballroom, he outlined his plans for an idea of his own that he had been pursuing for many years: GLUDES ( – Global Leadership University for Development, Entrepreneurship and Strategy – a new era institution that endeavors to create leaders and transform the way we influence others in our efforts for better results.

The reception and dinner (sponsored by CUBIX Commercial Solutions ( was the first step to a day-long symposium on Saturday, February 23 for those who had registered to become the first class of GLUDES. Held on Friday, February 22, the event brought in about 100 people from across the community, including many successful Indo Americans. Casey Salge, a member of the launch team and the emcee for the evening, welcomed the audience and opened with a short video which explained the university’s concepts enveloped in the term Gludification. The other launch team members Tara Bush, Patricia Bermudez and David Jones further expanded on the four pillars of leadership that GLUDES will focus on.

Nozer then strode to the podium and described how he had developed the ideas outlined in his two books (Why Entrepreneurs Really Fail published in the USA & India and Roadmap to Success – co-authored with Dr. Ken Blanchard & Dr. Deepak Chopra ) and came up with what has become his mantra “Believe in yourself”. “I have failed many times,“ he said as his expressed himself at breakneck speed, “and 30 percent of the people don’t care that you have failed and 20 per cent are happy you have failed. But I realized that there is no one definition of leadership, and GLUDES will define it,” he continued, adding “Leaders create leaders, they don’t create followers.”

Nozer is an internationally acclaimed motivational, inspirational and keynote speaker with a passionate message. He and his wife Persis have been members of Houston’s Zoroastrian community for the past 16 years and have one son Kyrus (who is an ordained priest and a basketball player at Graceland University in Iowa). When he is not touring the globe for conferences or speaking engagements, Nozer visits Texas prisons to help rehabilitate inmates through motivational talks.

Nozer outlined his plans for GLUDES as they work towards the accreditation process by partnering with other Universities to achieve their goal. GLUDES will provide leadership scholarships to deserving young wanna-be-entrepreneurs and high school/college students as a give-back to the community. He ended his motivational speech by stating “we all have equal opportunities… but we expect equal results… move your behind if you want to succeed!” was his final message to the audience.