Go to Your Room, Mother ! Memorial Weekend Fun ……..


HOUSTON: Imagine that. The last of your brood is finally and firmly established in a college dorm. Ahh, the space and the quiet! Evenings a deux, candlelight and romance beckon again.  Will it be Bali or Barcelona?

But what if these back-to-romance plans are nipped in the bud by two unexpected and unruly additions to the family?

SAMSKRITI …..  presents  an EnActe Arts production  Go to Your Room, Mother! (GTYR,M!)a laugh-out-loud comedy about an empty-nester couple who find two new not-so-spring chickens in their coop just when they think their parenting job is done!

GTYR,M! is written by Sanjiv Desai . The play is set in the familiar milieu of modern day Delhi, where he currently resides. It is a comedy that carries no moral, no meaning, and no message, save one – laugh till you drop! “Sometimes people should come to see theatre purely for fun,” says Sanjiv, “I wanted to write a play about people just like me and you.”

GTYRM! is a brand new play and one, perhaps, that pushes the boundaries of comic sensibilities in the Houston Area. “Everything we are doing at EnActe right now is new material,” says Vinita Belani, Artistic Director and Founder of enActe Arts.

“I am thrilled to be able to provide a platform not just for actors to explore their craft but also for contemporary South Asian and diaspora playwrights to showcase their works.”

‘ SAMSKRITI , now in its’ 20 th  year of promoting and presenting the best of

Indian Performing Arts in Houston area is very proud to host this fun filled theatrical piece’   said Rathna Kumar, Artistic Director of Samskriti.

If one is looking for  a side – splitting evening out, that too during Memorial Weekend  –   head on to Kaplan Thetre at Jewish Community Center, Sunday

May25, 6-8pm.  Tickets $25, $50 and $100.

 Visit Sulekha.com for on-line ticketing or call 832 275 9656.

Become a member of SAMSKRITI  and see the entire 2014 season of programs free – visit samskritihouston.org for further details.