Golmaal Again movie review: This Tabu and Ajay Devgn starrer generates some laughs


The usual suspects are back, a fourth time. The first frame has two cars, one bright red and the other yellow, and the star cast, decked out in black, swaying to the title song. It tells us that we are going to get more of the same: everyone standing around in one room, tossing smart-alecky dialogue between themselves, with a thin premise serving as a plot, breaking into song every now and then.

For someone like me, no fan of the franchise, there’s usually very little to like in the ‘Golmaal’ films. And this time around too, I had resigned myself to a couple of hours of deja-view. But I have to say that the addition of a few new faces, and moving the location from the beaches of Goa to the green slopes of Ooty, helped freshen things up. And though there were the familiar risible lines about people who can’t speak, and a creepy running thread about older men and girls young enough to be their daughter, the usual slew of jokes were not as tasteless. A couple led to actual laughter.

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Credit: indianexpress.com