GTYRM a Sizzler and a Clear Winner

Scene from the play                 Photo: Navin Mediwala

Scene from the play                                                                                           Photo: Navin Mediwala

HOUSTON: Yes, GO TO YOUR ROOM MOTHER – an En Acte’ production presented by SAMSKRITI, indeed won the hearts of all those who saw it on May 25.
Sold out house, Laugh a minute and repeated applause are a proof enough to declare the play as a clear winner.
Parents are old fashioned. Something none of us contemplate in youth. The stubborn mix of bitterness, frustration, unfounded nostalgia that seem to blossom when one is past clearly middle age because of the fear of the future, and the fear of loneliness, this seems to be the theme for a comedy that playright Sanjiv Desai has captured superbly in GTYRM, cleverly directed by Vinita Sud Belani, enacted by a few theatre enthusiasts from California. Set in Delhi, one might think the play would sink under the weight of all those cultural references. Surprisingly, good acting and good direction made it very appealing even to the mix of diverse audience.
The beauty of any comedy – are the punch lines. They were admirably delivered with right timing, pauses and amazing clarity. Of course, good script, good voice projection and great direction helped all these come together to elicit laugh a minute. Kudos to Basab Pradhan and Sindu Singh in the lead, Seema Karnik and Rashmi Rustogi as the central characters, Satish Ullal, Ravi Bhatnagar and Ravi Chopra in the cameo roles.
It would have been a lot more crisper and shorter but for the lighting glitches, too many transition related delays between scenes. Interestingly, people did not seem to mind this at all. As I was walking out of the theatre, the audience were still mulling over the great comic elements of the play, one also said “I can imagine my life with my kids when I Visit them”…..and on ……overall, nothing but appreciation and joy everywhere.
Finally, as the play narrative mentions it sure was a rib-tickling and rip- roaring contemporary comedy about life after kids. Great production En Acte’ players. Great presentation, very innovatie choice for the 2014 season indeed SAMSKRITI.