Gurudev Dada J.P. Vaswani’s Birthday

SADHU VASWANI MISSION was founded by T.L Vaswani, and the light was then passed to J.P. Vaswani. Dear Dada has many accolades, which derived from his continuous efforts to empower women and establish the mission’s St. Mira school. St Mira was Vaswani’s gateway to promote education and ensure that education was accessible to all. Dada made an impact on humanity by always ensuring efforts were made to feed, medicate, and ensure the well-being of the poor. His purity of love is like nectar in flower, extended to animals, as he believed animals should have rights not to be slaughtered in vain. If you met a person with “a heavy load, did you help them lighten the load.” I can picture him saying this with a radiant smile that spread like the shade of sun. He was like the sun, as the sun gives throughout the year. Dear Dada’s arms were always giving and guiding his flock to higher enlightenment with the Dear Lord.

August 2, is Gurudev Dada J.P. Vaswani’s Birthday, which would’ve been a jubilation to celebrate his centurion birthday. Unfortunately, he left his physical body on July 12, 2018. Nevertheless, his presence is amongst us on this auspicious day. He is embedded in our DNA and our daily lives. One just has to close their eyes and follow his principles in life.

What more is there to say about our Dear Beloved Dada, which has not been said. As to some, he was a beacon of hope. To us, he was a Friend, which could be summarized, in one word, “LOVE.” We were fortunate in Houston, to witness his wit, laughter and compassion for all, at several of his yatras. He created an ecstatic environment and touched many lives in our city. Several of us, became vegetarian and saw miracles in our daily lives.

Yes, my Dear Friends, this Pilgrim was a true disciple of the Dear Lord. He was a Guru, which led people from darkness to light, if you can remember, a few key things would be, Love the world around you and establish a link to the Dear Lord. Accomplish this task, by developing your inner self that, your “ATMAN (Soul),” creates a bond with the Almighty. After that, all will be well, Dada Shyam.

“Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day, unseen, unheard, but always near, so loved, so missed, so very Dear.”

For details visit Sadhu Vaswani Center, Houston, Texas,, 832-656-6973