Halla Bol to showcase a brave story of a girl who survived rape


This week Bindass’ new show, Halla Bol will be showcasing a story of an innocent girl who falls prey to male chauvinism and aggression. Although, most of the people have progressed in their thoughts and values, there still exist few men who look down upon women in turn treating them just as an object of desire. Women, till today face violence, rejection and discouragement from men. And this particular story revolves around Swati, a bright ambitious medical student who becomes a victim of one such adverse situation by a boy named, Arjun.

Swati, a bright young medical student, who always stood first, had grown a fierce rivalry with her own classmate Arjun. Hailing from a rich dominating family, Arjun could not tolerate being defeated by any girl. His dislike for Swati kept increasing as she ranked 1st in almost all the academic tests. With his growing enmity and aggression, he decides to sabotage Swati’s image by befriending her for the college party. Without knowing Arjun’s cruel intentions, Swati agrees to come for the college party, where her life completely turns upside down. Following the next morning, Swati finds herself physically damaged and after diagnosis she gets to know that last night Arjun had raped her. On confronting him, she gets to know that it was a planned trap for her to withdraw her name from the scholarship program and other merits.

Unable to cope up with the trauma, Swati’s academic and personal life gets extremely affected. She loses all her confidence and starts performing poorly in the class which automatically made Arjun rank 1st, but one fine day, Swati decides to fight back her respect by trapping Arjun in his own trap that he once laid for her.