Hanmi Launches Instant Issue Debit Card Service: Instant Issue Debit Card Service to be available at all branches by the year-end


HOUSTON: Hanmi Bank customers can now enjoy the benefits of debit card instant issue service. ‘Instant Issue’ allow customers to receive his/her debit card immediately at a branch, instead of having to wait weeks to obtain a new debit card. Previously, customers had to wait 2-3 weeks to receive a new debit card or replace a lost or stolen debit card.

The Instant Issue service is currently available at the participating 3 branches; Wilshire-Hobart branch in Southern California, Silicon Valley branch in Northern California and Houston-Spring branch in Texas. Hanmi Bank customer can receive either a new or replacement debit card in less than 10 minutes simply by visiting one of these branches.

Hanmi plans to implement the Instant Issue service at all of its branches by the end of the year.

During the implementation period, Hanmi will offer reduced Debit Card issue processing time at non-participating branches in order to improve customer convenience. Customer requesting a debit card at these branches can receive a new card in about 3 business days.

C. G. Kum, CEO of Hanmi Bank, said “Hanmi is committed to incorporating newest technologies into our products and services in order to enhance our customer experience.”

Please visit www.hanmi.com to find the branches that offer the instant issue service.