Hanuman Jayanthi Celebrations at Sri Meenakshi Temple


By M.K. Sriram

PEARLAND: The very name “Hanuman” or “Anjaneya” or “Pavana Putra” evokes a torrent of bhakthi and joy among all Hindus.  And such was indeed the case at the Hanuman Jayanthi celebrations at Sri Meenkashi Temple on Saturday, May 28.  More than 200 devotees thronged the beautifully decorated Corner Mantap that houses the Hanuman shrine, so much so they overflowed into the tent placed outside.

Hanuman is first and foremost the greatest bhakta of Sri Rama.  His enormous strength, energy, courage, intelligence, and all other superlative qualities are derived from his extraordinary devotion to Sri Rama.  Legend has it that he once appeared before Sri Rama covered from head to foot in sindoor (kumkum).  When Sri Rama asked him why so, he replied that if the little sindoor  on Goddess Seetha Devi’s forehead made Sri Rama so happy,  he being a dasa covered himself entirely to give Him even a small fraction of the happiness Sri Sita Devi can give!  Wherever there is the sound of Rama, and whenever there is pravachan (discourse) of Ramayana, there without being seen by us, Anjaneya stands and listens to it with tears of joy pouring down.

The puja started with Sankalpam, then pujas to Sri Vishwaksena, followed by Kalasa puja which is the invocation of Hanuman in the kalasam.  The devotees next joined with the priests in reciting the most powerful “Pancha Mukha Hanuman Moola Mantra”, with the help of handouts provided by the temple.  The highlight of the event was the Abhishekam for Sri Anjaneya performed with the accompaniment of the recital of the most famous Hanuman Chalisa, originally composed by Tulsi Das.


Devotees from the very young to the elderly all recited in unison, and there was an indescribable energy and devotion in the air.  More bhajans followed as the priests did the alankaram behind the curtain.  Finally Lord Hanuman appeared in all his resplendent glory, most beautifully decorated , with garlands made of his favorite vada (vada mala) round his neck, a crown made of betel leaves, his lotus feet covered with more vada mala’s and showered with flowers, it was a most divine sight that brought tears of joy to the eyes of the devotees.

The MTS temple priests Sri Sreedharan Raghavan, Sri Pawan Kumar Sribhashyam, and Sri Sriman Narayana Charyalu performed the puja authentically and with great devotion. MTS Board of Directors, the Religious Activity Committee, the administrative staff and the artisans together organized the well-executed event.  Many devotees rejoiced by offering prasadams, fruits and flowers to Lord Hanuman. Sri Anjaneya is the most perfect example of total and unconditional bhakti to the Supreme Lord, so the primary focus of this celebration was Bhakti and Bhakti alone.  Sri Anjaneyaswami bestows on his devotees intellect, strength, fame, determination, fearless heart, health, alertness and the power of speech all with overarching humility.  All in all, the devotees were utterly spellbound by partaking in this most wonderful and fulfilling puja.