Har Har Mahadev Relates the Story of Lord Shiva


STAFFORD: The much awaited play, ‘Har Mahadev – Nritya Natika’ produced by Shree Madan Dham USA and Manoranjan Inc. was presented at the Old Stafford Civic Center, on Friday, October 14. Subhash Gupta, President of Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of USA and his wife Sarojini were the Chief Guests of the event.

This two and a half hour long Nritiya Natika was composed with the concept of universal brotherhood, peace, and harmony in mind, written in Hindi, Sanskrit and Gujarati by the well-known artist Indravadan Trivedi, popularly known as Masterji, and with dialogues by Dr. Sarita Mehta.


Masterji, the producer, director and choreographer, single handed organized and trained 47 local budding performers and artists. This magnificent work transported the audience to thrilling spiritual dances and a musical adventure with an impressive overture. The opening dance of Lord Ganesh, as well as the character of Parshuram, was performed by Masterji himself and both were par excellence.

Dr. Omkar Dave played and danced the main character of the natak, Lord Shiva, one of the principle deities of Hinduism. Shiva, the auspicious one, God of Satya (Honesty), Satyam (Truth), Sundram (Beauty) are the three dimensions of Reality, the “creator, destroyer and regenerator”. The magnificent dance, the great Tandav Nritya of Lord Shiva was breathtakingly performed by Dave. The dances of the budding dancer Richita Shah as Chandra Prabha and the Lavani Dance were a sight to behold. Her Nagin dance in a group with other six girls was also highly applauded by audience.

Yogina Patel played the role of Devi Sati, the daughter of Daksha Prajapati and consort of Lord Shiva, who immolated herself after her father insulted her husband Lord Shiva and her performance left the audience spell bound. Akshay Shah as Dakh Maharaj and Rasesh Dalal as Narad won the hearts of the audience. The emcee of the play, Ina Patel, was the anchor, her style of speaking Hindi and grasp of Hindi pronunciation was superb.


Dr. Sarita Mehta, President of Vidya Dham, an eminent poetess and writer and a retired lecturer of Hindi language and culture from Rice University delivered a beautiful message of love, peace and brotherhood in her short poetic speech. She honored Masterji with a shawl for his tireless efforts to promote Indian artistic heritage and culture in a foreign land.


The musical panorama, conceptualized and directed by Masterji, was conducted by Hemant Dave, Samita Vasaveda, Kokila Shah, Dipti Dave, Manish Patel, Rakesh Parikh, and Rashimikant. This magnificent work, transported audience on a thrilling spiritual dances and musical adventure with this impressive overture and received huge applause from the packed audience.

Videography was by Nisha Mirani and Anand; sound by Darshak Thakker and photography by Dr. Nik Nikam. For a video clip visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8FDwUnJQEs