Har Har Mahadev!!!


HOUSTON: Under the direction of ace choreographer and living legend Indravadan Trivedi, known as “Masterji”  of Houston, brings a unique unheard phenomena – the spectacular stage show “HAR HAR MAHADEV”.

The show has a combination of new vision, new story, new music, songs, practical shlokas and extraordinary side effects.  It is visually opulent, hot-blooded melodramatic entertainer with exquisite classical dance sequences including Pralay Tandav. Selected professional local artists will perform the power packed show with special effects.

“Har Har Mahadev” stage show will convey the message of unity and brotherhood following the righteous path. It will bridge the new generation with sanskruti and new era sangham yog.

In this scientific age, no one wants to believe blindly unless and until proven by practical knowledge and personal experience. This powerful drama aims to touch many hearts with purity of love and by spreading culture and sanskars.

Har Har Mahadev means “Har Koi Mahadev” – that everyone is capable of being Mahadev with the right action since God resides in every person.

The stage show is being organized by Shri Madan Dham Center and Indravadan Trivedi (Masterji) on October 14. For further details contact Indravadan Trivedi at 832-434-7954.