HARI: Instilling Spiritual, Cultural and Moral Values in Young Minds


SUGAR LAND: A Sugarland based non profit, HARI is currently working on a big project – providing spiritual, cultural and moral value based enrichment program for kids.

One of the main issue that parents worry about a lot is raising kids with the same cultural and moral values that were imparted to them. With heavy influence of television and social media, it is becoming increasingly difficult to impart these values to kids.

HARI management came up with the solution – educate the younger generation by providing them the much needed cultural, moral and spiritual connection that will help them to become well rounded human beings. H.K Patel along with his team of dedicated volunteers  brought this concept of HARI KIDS to life this year.

“There is too much information out there now a days to distract young minds and most of it is not at all useful for them. We are providing easy to understand and practical way of living life as  described in our Vedic culture. The goal is to raise well rounded individuals who are empathetic, caring, compassionate  and can contribute meaningfully towards better society” he said.

“One of the main reason for joining these classes was that  I want to supplement their academic performance with cultural values that shape up one’s personality” says Mona who has both her kids attending these classes. I want them to learn the basics, the difference between food and prasadam, the ancient  literature – Ramayana, Bhagwad Gita and its applicability in our lives. Greater  emphasis is  on character building, leadership skills and using modern day technologies to aid in the learning process. HARI KIDS will also be offering language classes in Hindi, Gujrati, Sanskrit and dance classes in coming months.

If you need additional information, please call them at 832-947-3134 or visit them at www.harikids.org