Here is why Ranveer Singh is the boyfriend of your dreams!



Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are hands down the dreamiest couple in Bollywood. They are spotted holidaying together, chilling with each other’s families, doing films together, attending film screenings, basically doing all the lovey-dovey stuff. But we can tell that Ranveer is the one who is absolutely smitten by his girlfriend. Not just her beauty, but Ranveer is also constantly amazed by Deepika’s dedication to her craft and her general awesomeness.

While talking to the Man’s World magazine Ranveer revealed that Deepika is the one who makes him look good in films. Here is what he said, “Deepika is the perfect foil for me as an actor. Her energy contrasts mine, and it makes for great synergy onscreen. She makes me look good. It’s truly commendable that she continues an upward graph in terms of growth in her craft with every film she performs in. Her emotional intelligence is extremely high. She is both sensitive and sensible. She is grounded in spite of all the staggering success she has seen in the past couple of years.”


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