Here’s how Priyanka Chopra got her Kashibai look for Bajirao Mastani!


Meet the man behind Priyanka’s ever changing looks and beauty!

Priyanka Chopra has been one jelly’s chameleon in these past years. Secret? Her constant change in roles starting from being a Maharashtrian lassie in Agneepath to an autistic girl in Barfi! to a fierce boxer in Mary Kom to finally donning the role of a historic character! Now that’s a lot of change in roles, PeeCee but we’re not complaining one bit because with each role undertaken, Priyanka delivered a flawless performance. Not to forget even the makeup that made her look her radiant best and perfect for her role. All thanks goes to her makeup artist Uday Shirali! This man is responsible to have given us Agneepath’s Kaali Gawde, Barfi!’s Jhilmil Chatterjee, the fighter Mary Kom and now the wife of Shrimant Peshwa Bajirao, Kashibai! That’s a lot of character changing done in a span of seven years!

In an exclusive interview with the renowned makeup artist, Bollywoodlife has learnt quite a lot about Priyanka Chopra’s elusive and beautiful Kashibai avatar. Shirali explained that there was an extensive research done on the Peshwa’s first wife with respect to the period 1700 and the kind of looks that were carried out during that time. He said that with a strong cultural background, the film also brings out the sacrifices of Kashibai, whose character is very important role in the union of Bajirao and Mastani.

With Priyanka juggling between Bajirao Mastani and Quantico, the makeup artist made sure that the actress looks her fresh best in the film and therefore used a Guerlain cream to avoid the tiredness and puffiness. When asked how he prepared such a look for Priyanka, he said, “Kashibai is from a Brahmin family so the skin tone has been kept fair with minimal makeup done. I didn’t use much of kajal because that would give it a Muslim look. Instead, I settled for a minimal look. And even the eye colour had to be changed because traditional Brahmins have eye colours in hues of green. During those days the marriages happened at an early age and we had to show at least an age difference of 10 to 12 years between Kashibai and Bajirao.

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