Here’s why Salman Khan is forced to hurt himself!


Salman Khan has been around in the industry earning truck loads of money for producers and the fraternity for a long time now. Yes, his career can be broadly divided into Before Wanted and After Wanted, but he has made sure that his fans enjoy whatever he does. Today, he has become a surefire formula rather than a subject. If you have Salman in your film, rest assured you are going to laugh all the way to the bank. You would assume the actor will now take things much lightly and do films that aren’t taxing. After all, he will be 50 soon. But the actor baffled everyone by doing a film like Sultan which necessitates him to acquire a body befitting a wrestler and that has left him bruised!

Now, you all are aware that Salman plays a wrestler in the film and for that he needs to get into a certain shape which means he will have to beef  up. Not only that, he also has to learn some mean moves as we are guessing, he cannot take the help of a body double since it’s the sport which is the focus here. Naturally, he will have to get in the dirt and learn it himself. That’s exactly what has left him really hurt. Talking about the same at an interaction with the press, Salman said, “The strenuous exercises are yet to start. I have one more month of training to get that done. I am hurt all the time, my knee, neck, shoulder…! I am hurting. Now, I feel why I did it. This is difficult. See, I can get back to a shape I was earlier but to get into a shape I never was is harder. I am 87 kilos right now and I have to go ripped for about 90-94 kilos. I just have one month to do that and I don’t know how it will happen. I have to do action right now. I may not be able to manage it but I am trying!” The earnestness in his voice will make you feel for him. The actor even looked tired

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