HGH Seeks Apology from Emgage

To: Wa’el Alzayat,

CEO of National Emgage Foundation, Inc. 

Reference: Protest against Activities of Emgage in Texas District 22

We write in protest of your recent announcement of non-endorsement in the Texas Congressional District 22 race. We are unconcerned about who you choose to endorse; rather, we are shocked at the language used in describing many Hindu community leaders who donated to one of the candidate’s campaigns. Almost all of these leaders have been involved with interfaith dialogue, advocacy coalitions, and even public events with the Houston Muslim community – to describe them as “fascists” and “inspired by Nazism” can only be described at the best as profound ignorance, if not downright malicious.

We also condemn the description in your announcement of the Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, a US organization that explicitly says on its website that it is inspired by the idea that “the whole world is one family.” 

HSS has had over 2000 selfless volunteers across 27 states participate in COVID-19 relief efforts, including the distribution of over 625,000 masks and working with over 350 food pantries and local first responder agencies to provide food donations and hot meals. Your characterization of them as anything other than an organization interested in the welfare of humanity was uncalled for and wrong.

It appears Emgage has never taken the time to interact with the Hindu community here in Houston, and instead chose to believe the words of anti-Hindu propagandists. On behalf of the Hindu community in Houston, we demand an apology for your statement, and seek that we engage in further dialogue after the election to discuss issues that affect our respective communities.

Thara Narasimhan


Hindus of Greater Houston