High School Seniors Raise Funds for Indian Doctor’s Charity Clinic

Clear Lake High School Senior Krisha Tripathy donating a check for $750 to India Doctors Charity Clinic President K.C. Mehta.

By Krisha Tripathy

CLEAR LAKE, TX: Bruce Lee once said, “Real living is living for others.” It is this altruistic nature of the field of medicine that drew me to donating to the Indian Doctor’s Charity Clinic.

Currently, I am a senior at Clear Lake High School, and I involve myself in debate, orchestra, Red Cross, DECA, student government, Indian Culture Club, and many more clubs at my school. I have always had a desire to leave my mark on the communities I am involved in, whether it is by involving myself in school activities or playing an active role in my city. Giving back to the communities that have given me a place to grow and learn, and contributing to the greater good of society has been the main priority for me.

After hearing about the selfless mission of the Indian Doctor’s Charity Clinic, I knew that it was the perfect opportunity to make an impact on others’ lives. Supporting a clinic that believes access to medical care is a human right, regardless of the ability to afford it, was invaluable to me. My desire to promote this noble service was my motivation for working hard to raise funds throughout the year.

As President of the Youth Committee in the local Indian Center of Clear Lake, I had the goal of finding a balance between immersing the youth in cultural activities and simultaneously pushing community service. With the help of the very supportive Executive Committee under the leadership of ICCCL President Kalpesh Patel, we planned numerous events throughout the year- including a kite-flying festival, Holi, Garba, Diwali, a car wash, and a restaurant fundraiser, where we actively tried to raise funds.

We also held different charity events, such as a canned food drive and a clothing drive, which we used to help those in need by working with the Clear Lake Baptist Church. Over the course of the year, we raised over $1,350, the most the Youth Committee has ever raised. After working so hard to raise this amount, we decided to donate $750 of the net revenue to the Indian Doctor’s Charity Clinic, fulfilling our goal from the beginning of 2018, and surpassing the amount we had expected to raise in donations.

Being able to accomplish this goal as a team was the most rewarding part of our service to the community. Knowing that we are helping to sustain the amazing volunteer work of these doctors and management who dedicate their time to providing free services to various patients, regardless of who they are, is a priceless feeling. We hope to continue this mission of donating to the Indian Doctor’s Charity Clinic for years to come and help bring much needed healthcare service to those in need.

Krisha Tripathy is the 2018 President of the India Center of Clear Lake Youth Committee. She is a high school senior from Clear Lake High School, who raised funds in 2018 and donated $750 of that fund towards the Indian Doctors Charity Clinic, an act which is inspirational to other students in the community. She is the daughter of Dr. Ashok Tripathy, a family medicine practitioner in Webster-Clear Lake.